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Anyone can apply for financial aid in the United States. Whether you need money to go to school, start a business, or repair your home, there are thousands of unique funding opportunities available right now! Billions of dollars are available every year. Millions of dollars go unclaimed each year simply because people don’t know they can apply and receive money. The Financial Approval Network is a complete education center where you learn while you apply for money. Scholarship money is available now from public and private schools and universities. Government agencies like the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan billions of dollars a year to entrepreneurs who are starting new companies. That is why these agencies exist!

Right now, you may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars to go to school, start a business, fund a project, you name it! Some of these funding sources NEVER HAVE TO BE REPAID!

Many of these programs do not require credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers. Even if you have declared a bankruptcy or currently have bad credit, you may be entitled to apply for this money!

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Billions are up for grabs every year – and millions qualify!

If you qualify, these funds can be used to…

  • Start a business
  • Buy a home
  • Pay for childcare
  • Fund a education
  • Expand a business
  • Get a degree